Come and see why our customers keep coming back to Collana’s Tailor Shop. We trust that you will come to rely on the same service that our customers have been enjoying for over 30 years.

I HIGHLY recommend taking whatever it is that you need tailored to Collana’s! He is a tailor guru!! A WEEK before my wedding I called Collana’s in a panic!! I was in desperate need of having my bridal gown fixed. I had taken the dress to another seamstress and when I put it on for the final fitting I knew something just didn’t look right. It didn’t fit my body the way it was supposed to. I tried explaining that to the seamstress and she insisted that it looked fine (thankfully I didn’t have to pay for the alterations!). I took the dress home and almost convinced myself that “it is what it is”, but a day went by and I just didn’t feel comfortable wearing my dress on my wedding day looking the way that it did. I called Collana’s in the morning, brought my dress in that afternoon and as soon as he saw me in the dress he knew EXACTLY what needed to be done to fix it! He pinched the extra material on the sides a few times and said “OK”. I was a bit nervous that no measurements or notes were taken, but when I picked it up a few days later it fit PERFECTLY!!! Everyone at my wedding LOVED my dress. My experience there was phenomenal! He was extremely comical and genuine, so I really enjoyed the two visits that I made to the shop. One of my bridesmaids also needed an emergency fix the DAY BEFORE the wedding because her seamstress took in her dress too much. I’m not sure how he did it, but again, her dress fit PERFECTLY when she picked it up just hours before the wedding. Collana’s will be the only place I take my clothes to from now on!! Thank you SO much!!!

-Sincerely, ”H”, an ELATED Bride =)


Extremely helpful and willing to what is needed to help you. I came in with an urgent need to tailor my Army Service Uniform for my mother’s wake the next day after she died suddenly, and he reassured me all what be taken care of, the SAME day! I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to find someone to have it done the next day, let alone hours later. Highly recommend, especially for military alterations.
-Shaun K.


Excellent, high quality tailoring service. My wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, pants, everything is done to perfection. I highly recommend Joe Collana for your tailoring needs.

-Patty C.


Fantastic. Not only is he professional and fast, he is a real character to meet! Such a genuine person and so good at his craft. Highly recommended.

-Pam and Dave G.